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Institute of Economics and Economic Development

Research focus:

  • Theoretical aspects of interregional competition and regional competitiveness
  • The practice of cluster-based regional economic development aimed at improving competitiveness
  • Theory and practice of innovative cooperation and knowledge-based business development
  • Methodological issues related to geographical concentration and agglomeration

Institute of Finance and International Economic Relations

Research focus:

  • Contagions and divergences on the capital markets
  • The role of venture capital in corporate finance
  • Risks in the financing of municipalities
  • Accountancy research studies
  • Development cooperation and international aid programmes
  • European economic integration research studies

Institute of Business Studies

Research focus:

  • Knowledge and information management
  • Relationship marketing
  • Measurement of public service performance
  • Market research
  • Business management
  • Economic psychology

Department of Statistics and Demography

  • Statistical literacy
  • Statistic education
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Demography of Hungarian minorities abroad
  • Social statistics
  • Business and economic statistics

The Faculty of Economics Research Centre

Research focus:

  • Local development
  • Local sustainability
  • Citizen participation
  • Innovation, technology and human well-being
  • Community-driven and responsible innovation
  • Pro-poor development
  • Policy analysis in the above fields

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The start of the new academic year was quite a cheerful and celebratory occasion for students who performed excellently in the previous academic year. The day of the Faculty Scholarship Ceremony, 15th September was an honourable day in the Faculty’s life.


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