2017. December 12.

Deadline: 16 February 2018

2017. November 02.

The official Halloween party of the Faculty of Economics and Business administration (GTK) took place on Friday, 27 October 2017, in Széchenyi Café. The students who participated in the event had a great and cheerful night: music, dances and a customs contest contributed to making the atmosphere extremely enjoyable.

2017. October 11.

For the first time ever, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration organized a daily trip for its international students who enrolled to the University of Szeged in September 2017. On Saturday 7th October, they went to Szarvas, where they visited the mini Hungary exhibition.

2017. September 11.

ProCivicStat International Statistics Conference at the GTK

2017. September 08.

4th September 2017 marked the beginning of the official registration week for the new international students coming to the University of Szeged from all corners of the world.

2017. August 28.

In keeping with the Hungarian Higher Education Act, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Szeged (’GTK’) announces an application for teacher’s assistant positions for the first semester of the 2017/2018 academic year in order to involve the most competent applicants in the Faculty’s teaching work and prepare them for their professional career.

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The start of the new academic year was quite a cheerful and celebratory occasion for students who performed excellently in the previous academic year. The day of the Faculty Scholarship Ceremony, 15th September was an honourable day in the Faculty’s life.


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