Training Programmes

Programmes for Erasmus Students

An international education by the Erasmus exchange system can be a very sensible decision for students these days, especially if they are looking at a career in the commercial world. Programme helps graduates to develop ‘global employability skills’ and ’international links’ to urge success in an increasingly competitive international marketplace and also can bring something ‘over and above’ core graduate skills.

Programmes for Hungarian Students

University-level Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes for preparing its students for a career in the business world and for achieving high-level, responsible positions in business in general. Courses are in Hungarian offered based on comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge - which itself draws on the professional experience of national and international Higher Education.

Programmes for International Students

The programme is proud to host international students from various nations from all over the world thus promoting a multicultural atmosphere in which students can strengthen their communicative and problem solving abilities as well as develop a greater sense of tolerance and respect for each other. Students are offered training to meet the challenges of the business world.


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