Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Research Centre

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Research Centre is an independent research unit of the Faculty, supervised directly by the Dean. The Research Centre attempts to carry out meaningful interdisciplinary research in order to initiate benevolent social change. We are experienced in qualitative and participatory research techniques with a special interest in participatory action research. Our key research fields are:

  • local development
  • local sustainability
  • citizen participation
  • innovation, technology and human well-being
  • community-driven and responsible innovation
  • pro-poor development
  • policy analysis in the above fields

The Research Centre works in close cooperation with the Institutes of the Faculty, the Community-Based Research for Sustainability Association (CRS) and the Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG).

Members of the Research Centre

Dr. habil. Zoltán Bajmócy
associate professor

Office hours: Tuesday: 09.00 – 10.00

Dr. Judit Gébert
assistant professor

Office hours: Tuesday: 14.30 – 15.30

Judit Juhász
Supervisor: Dr. György Málovics and Dr. Zoltán Bajmócy

Dr. habil. György Málovics
associate professor

Office hours: Monday: 11.00 – 12.00

Boglárka Méreiné Berki
Supervisor: Dr. Zoltán Bajmócy and Dr. György Málovics

Dr. Barbara Mihók
research fellow

The Research Centre's work is supported by

Gabriella Meszlényiné Nagy
institute secretary

Selected recent publications in English

  • Bajmócy Z. – Gébert J. (2014): Arguments for deliberative participation in local economic development. Acta Oeconomica, 64, 3, pp. 313-334.
  • Bajmócy Z. – Gébert J. (2014): The outlines of innovation policy in the capability approach. Technology in Society, 38, 1, pp. 93-102.
  • Bajmócy Z. – Málovics Gy. – Gébert J. (2014): On the informational basis of regional innovation policy: from growth to capabilities. European Planning Studies, 22, 7, pp. 1325-1341.
  • Bajmócy Z. (2013): Constucting a local innovation index: Methodological challenges versus staistical data availability. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy. 6, 1, pp. 69-84.
  • Málovics Gy. – Mihók B. – Szentistványi I. – Balázs B. – Pataki Gy. (2012): Participatory Action Research for Local Human Rights: The Case of Roma Minority in Szeged, South-Hungary. In. Renn, O. – Reichel, A. – Bauer, J. (ed.): Civil Society for Sustainability: A Guidebook for Connecting Science and Society. Europäischer Hochschulverlag GmbH, Bremen, pp. 149-170.
  • Gébert J. – Málovics Gy. – Fáskerti Zs. (2012): The Limits of Well-being Measurement at Sub-regional Level. Regional Statistics, 52, 2, pp. 45-60.

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Friday, February 23 2018, was a joyful day for the members of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In fact, many students whose academic performance in the previous semester was outstanding were awarded the Scholarship offered by the Faculty.


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